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We are production, we have much work ahead ...

The summer season is over, so now we have more free time to work on new products.

In short, we will add to the web the last thing that we are working, the Animaland collection. Hilarious, animal-shaped earrings that simulate false expansions.

We are trying to create a wide variety, so that you have where to choose. In early October,  them will already be available on the web.

If you want to view a preview in a few days we will publish some photos on our Facebook page.

Of course apart from the new collection, we are working on expanding our catalog.

We will have many new features next month, do not forget to go visit our store :)

Thanks for following us!

Mon Petit Delice


Created On miércoles, noviembre 1, 2017 Posted By Mon Petit Delice Comment Link
Thank you so much for your message. We will tray to upload to the shop the new collection the next month. Please come back to check the shop in a couple of weeks :)
Created On miércoles, noviembre 1, 2017 Posted By omegaLers Comment Link
Love your shop :)
Created On martes, octubre 31, 2017 Posted By RobertViort Comment Link
I'm interested to buy more cats earrings. I bought a pair this summer. Please let me know when they are available in the shop.
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